Creating Reality
Watercolor and Gold Leaf on Acid-Free Cotton Paper
Image Size: 14" x 20" 
$400 Unframed

Reality is a subjective and commonly agreed-upon framework, in which we operate. We create reality influenced by the socio-cultural perspective in which we were bred. It's our genetic heritage, cultivated through our ancestry. You might say it's in our DNA. That is not to say that we are doomed to the limitations of our ancestors. Through imagination and resourcefulness, we can become the turning point in our family's lineage, influencing future generations to create a reality different than the one we inherited.

Here, the ladybug-spider has inherited adaptability that enables it to fly beyond the sticky web of a shared reality. In contrast, the caterpillar resourcefully incorporates tools it found, by choice or chance, to weave a reality other than that which it inherited.