Who is Roe LiBretto?

Roe LiBretto is a Brooklyn-born artist, living in Albuquerque for more than 25 years. She is a formally trained visual artist who has been drawing since the age of eight. You can learn more about her on her mobile friendly website: www.roelibrettofineart.com/bio. You can also visit YouTube and search for Roe LiBretto to hear a 15 minute excerpt from a talk about her background, work, and process.

Where does she get her ideas?

Roe's paintings are based on waking hallucinations, not ideas. She's been seeing images, like those in her artworks, her entire life. The meaning of the images only comes clear to her when she begins to apply color to a drawing. Please visit YouTube and search for Roe LiBretto to hear a 15 minute excerpt from a talk about her background, work, and process.

Where can I see the artwork in person?

Roe's artwork can be seen and purchased at Ghostwolf Gallery 2043 South Plaza Street, in Albuquerque New Mexico's historic Old Town. Gallery hours are everyday from 11 am to 6 pm. Please call 505-453-4513 to schedule a time to meet with the artist.

How is the price of the artwork determined?

The cost of a work of art reflects all the expenses related to creating any small business product. It includes the cost of high quality materials to create and present it, the time to produce it, overhead, and fees to ship and/or exhibit the work prior to its final sale. In addition, an artist has a responsibility to the people who represent the work, and to collectors of the work, to price an artwork consistently in all venues. This ensures the value of the work purchased by collectors.

How do I know I'm making a good art investment?

The first rule of art collecting is: Buy what speaks to you! After that it's a matter of material and construction quality. You want to be sure that what you're buying will last at least your lifetime. Roe works with professional grade materials and protects her work with archival mats and Tru Vue glass. This glass offers UV protection to inhibit fading. Her giclées (see: What is a giclée?) are printed with archival inks on acid free cotton rag paper. Roe coats large wood panel watercolors with a UV-inhibiting acrylic liquid to inhibit fading. To further protect your investment at home, never hang a watercolor or giclée in direct sunlight, or in an area of high humidity, or in the path of a heating/cooling vent.

How do I care for my artwork?

To protect your investment at home, never hang a watercolor or giclée (see: What is a giclée?) in direct sunlight, or in an area of high humidity, or in the path of a heating/cooling vent. To clean UV-inhibiting glass: spray a small amount of ammonia-free cleaner onto a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. Gently press the cloth against the glass and clean in round, circular motions. Never use ammonia products and never spray anything on the glass. Works on wood panels should only be dusted. Never use a cleaning product on the surface of an artwork on wood panel.

Can I see the frame of the artwork I want to order?

Framed artwork priced at or above $2,000 are professionally framed, using archival materials and UV-inhibiting glass, per the artist's direction to ensure the integrity of Roe's vision for the piece. Therefore, not all pieces should be reframed. Framed artworks below $2,000 are framed in simple wood or metal frames, using archival boards and mats and UV-inhibiting glass as noted. Please email roe.libretto@gmail.com if you'd like to receive a JPG image of the framed piece. Works on wood panel are not matted or framed.

Will the artist frame the work to suit my home?

Any frame can be replaced, with one of similar quality, at no additional cost. Custom framing can be arranged at the buyer's expense. The artist is available, in the metro Albuquerque area, to consult on selecting a custom frame, or will give you the name of her preferred framer. Email roe.libretto@gmail.com to ask about framing.

The original painting is too big for my room. Can I get a smaller print of it?

Several of Roe's works are available as giclées (see: What is a giclée?) in a variety of sizes with prices varying according to dimensions and edition size. If there's something you'd like to own as a giclée, and it is not currently listed on her website, please email roe.libretto@gmail.com. Keep in mind that some editions are limited and, to maintain the integrity of their value, cannot be reproduced.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Pieces may be purchased using a debit or credit card; however, payment plans are available through a secure third-party installment company. Please email roe.libretto@gmail.com for information.

What is a Giclée?

Giclée (zhee-clay) refers to a fine art print that is created through the use of photographic reproduction technology. The archival pigment inks, acid free papers and canvas used to create these prints mean your reproductions will be around for a long time. Testing under accelerated conditions demonstrate a life in excess of 80 years before noticeable fading occurs.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

Roe LiBretto does not license her intellectual property for reproduction, thereby maintaining exclusive rights to each image that she creates. She issues a Certificate of Authenticity with each painting and with limited edition giclées. A painting Certificate of Authenticity documents the creation date and location, materials, and exhibit history of the artwork. A limited edition giclée Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Roe LiBretto, authenticates that the artist ordered, reviewed, and approved the giclée you purchased. A giclée certificate also certifies that reproductions of a particular image, in a particular size, are limited by Roe LiBretto, thereby ensuring the value of your investment. Smaller unlimited edition giclées can only be authenticated by purchasing them directly from www.roelibrettofineart.com or by purchasing them through her designated art representative.

Does Roe accept art commissions?

Yes, Roe can create an original work of art for your home or office. Keep in mind that Roe's work, though figurative, is not illustrative. She starts with your request as bait for images to appear and then draws what she sees.

Pricing is based on size and materials, with 1/3 the agreed upon price payable upon contracting the commission, another 1/3 upon approval of the drawing, and final payment due upon completion. Possible additional expenses to be paid by the buyer, and due upon delivery, may include, but are not limited to: travel and shipping. Examples of travel expenses that may be incurred by the artist include viewing the intended installation space or installing the work. Details of expense estimates will be stated in the Commission of a Work of Art Agreement.

The time to create a commissioned work is usually 6 weeks, but varies depending on the artist's workload at the date of commissioning. An estimated time frame for each stage of the work will be stated in the Commission of a Work of Art Agreement.

What does “© All rights reserved” mean?

It means that Roe LiBretto is the sole legal owner of her intellectual property and she reserves all of the rights associated with that ownership. Buying/owning a physical painting, or giclée, does not constitute any reproduction rights. Federal and international copyright laws strictly prohibit reproduction of any kind, including but not limited to electronic reproduction, without prior written authorization from Roe LiBretto. Unauthorized reproduction creates significant legal liability and penalties. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Roe LiBretto’s images (all artwork and reproductions therefrom) represent the primary source of her current and future income as well as having value, in their exclusivity, for her collectors. Therefore, Roe LiBretto Fine Art takes legal measures to protect these assets.