Sophia Welcomes the Truth Seekers  (SOLD)
Watercolor Painted on Birch Panel
Image Size: 40" x 30"

Sophia, a representation of wisdom in a variety of theosophical traditions, shares her secrets with those who, without prejudice, seek Divine Knowledge. Such traditions hold that accepting Divine Knowledge, that is, understanding one's behavior in the face of life's challenges, releases one from suffering.

Here, Sophia is haloed with stars representing the astrological signatures (personality types) of mankind and holds in her lap the Book of Constellations which maps the cyclical challenges faced by mankind. Her book is open to the constellation Orion whose mythology tells that, twice, his arrogance led to painful consequences. The first consequence being blindness and, after his redemption, Orion's arrogance led to his death. Indeed, the pitfalls of being ignorant to one's nature and environment can be painful and deadly.