Watercolor on Acid-Free Cotton Paper
Image Size: 18" x 24"  -  Framed Size: 27" x 33"
$2,250 Framed

Remission, was created in recognition of my sister's determination and optimism in overcoming lung cancer. It depicts the personal iconography she visualized as part of her healing process. She is represented as a flower, holding open her red cape and gazing at her now clear lungs. The cape and it's color symbolize bearing the trial that has been put upon her. Her trial is further represented by thorns on the vines that emanate from the healing hand of her god. Her family and friends, clustered nearby, gain and give insight and strength during her process.

She is framed by symbols representing her mood shifts between optimism and doubt (fish), love (strawberries), and longevity (maize), and some very creative and personal icons of power. "I keep seeing centurions, riding sonic screwdrivers, blasting the unhealthy cells," she told me. "Whatever works," I thought.