Raising Consciousness (SOLD)
80" x 36" - Watercolor and Gold Leaf Enamel on Wood Panel

Neuroscience explains that experiences along the spectrum from fear to tranquility create chemical responses in the human brain.  Some responses take longer to subside than others, leaving a residual chemical imbalance in our system. We may feel “off”, uncomfortable, or not sick but not quite well, and attribute it to a passing mood. Over time, we may become accustomed to feeling uncomfortable and absorb the feeling into our concept of what is normal for us, thereby accepting the burden of our physical imbalance.

In the lower left corner, of this painting, we see beings out of balance. They're turning to stone, the color of the ground around them, burdened by the weight of their discomfort. Their world is of barren rock (the inability or lack of desire to change) and toxic air (a mindset of hopelessness). The central figure, the Healer, is reaching out to help them from the lotus flower upon which it sits (a vantage point of compassion).  The Healer single mindedly seeks the truth (green eye) of suffering and holds what it learns in an open heart. The blue arms of this being tell us that a higher consciousness is acting through it. Floating on a cloud above the sea of emotions, the Healer is without attachment to the material outcome of these acts. In this state, the Healer becomes a conduit through which suffering is transcended, freeing beings to explore their own limitless potential.