Epiphany (SOLD)
80" x 32" - Watercolor and Gold Leaf Acrylic on Wood Panel

He had some heavy baggage and, in the act of hiding of it, had hidden his heart from himself. The albatross of his voyage was among his baggage and it called to him, with memories of his past, til he had no ears. Yet, each day he left his cave to drink from the waters of Hope and, trusting that the Universe was indeed a place of mercy, built a sacred space in which to heal. He passed his time in self-reflection and the Universe gifted his courage with a Messenger from the Baobab Forest. Her grace and strength were born of the Forest and her keen wit was as disarming as her beauty. The Forest had helped her balance her burdens, therefore she recognized his. Reaching into him, she brought forth his glowing heart, releasing the seeds of a new shared life. They live together now, by the banks of the waters of Hope, illuminated by stars, in the sacred garden they created.

For more information about the iconography in this painting, see The Key to Epiphany.