Beware the Company You Keep
80" x 32" - Watercolor, Iridescent Acrylic, and Gold Leaf Enamel on Wood Panel
$2,800 Unframed

This person, gifted with a diverse range of talents since birth, was an individual with an open mind who spoke with purpose. But it was hard to choose “the right path” on which to use these talents. Perhaps the avenue was along a career path, or in the arena of relationships, or in an ability to enjoy the world. Our friend could not decide and, little by little, indecisiveness picked at this beautiful open mind. These talents, once a gift, became an overwhelming burden and the world seemed like more than could be chewed.

It was in this state of mind that our friend made a new acquaintance who appeared to have authority, and fervent followers. It was dazzling with confusing, persuasive commentary, and our weakened friend became entranced. In time, ravaged by the mass mind of this acquaintance, only a very ineffective shell of our friend will remain.

This new acquaintance, as much a charlatan as any, is the least of this person's problems. Our friend's thoughts, which are one's most constant companions, led to this misery. Indeed, we are easiest prey when we are least sure of ourselves.