Applied Science (SOLD)
15" x 20" Mixed Media on Acid-Free Cotton Paper

The Path we travel may traverse places filled with manifestations that are new to us. Such manifestations afford the opportunity to discover new methods for our development. Each manifestation, be it object or scenario, can be examined using the intuitive and analytical skills previously developed along our Journey.

Here, the moon reveals a desirable treasure to be studied: a dahlia. This manifestation of a wild inner nature appears to have sprouted from the joining of two different, rooted, sources. It's existence defies logic. It's beauty is uncharacteristic of its ancestry. Can such a unique manifestation be recreated?

The intuitive self is pregnant with experience and the analytical self has developed tools for collecting data. Intuition, connecting herself to the source of the manifestion, is comparing what she feels with what she sees. Analytics, collecting measurable data, balances on an horary wheel. He uses the wheel to anticipate changes in his environment which might influence his objectivity. The purpose of their work is to understand the nature of the object and the method by which it was manifested. It's important to remember that not all manifestations emanate from an objective source of love, and not all methods of manifestation are appropriate for all individuals.