A Nice Cup of Tea
Watercolor and Gold Leaf on Acid-Free Cotton Paper
Image Size: 24" x 19"  -  Framed Size: 32.5" x 27"
$2,500 Framed

There are periods in life when we feel as though we've lost control, when we allow situations to bounce us from one mindset to another. We scream and flail, and swear this isn't how our life should be. Yet, let's not forget that however our life is, IS how it's supposed to be. There is an essence in each experience from which we can draw strength. We, not so simply, have to calm ourselves for a moment and accept where we are. Whatever the situation, we must remember that we are in control of how we react to it and that our reaction can make the situation more, or less, frenzied.

Here, a wizened soul offers his friend advice he gathered from his higher-self, “Chillax and have a nice cup of tea.”