A Walk in the Park - Ganesha Leads Doubting Thomasina Past the Obstacles to Love (SOLD)
Mixed Media on Acid-Free Cotton Paper
Image Size: 18" x 23.75"  -  Framed Size: 24.5" x 30.5"

This is the story of true love, the kind that does not require a partner. This painting depicts the expectations we bring into a relationship when we “fall in love”: gender role; lust; security; longevity; and white picket fence dreams (our encultured expectations). These expectations are obstacles to the love that we are individually born to manifest. Ganesha, who in Hindu mythology assists his followers overcome great obstacles, here reaches out to guide Doubting Thomasina past her expectations into acceptance of the love that already exists within her. Thomasina, eyes partially closed and standing entranced on a cloud, wears her green truth-seeking eye outside of her brain case. She's prepared to receive Ganesha's guidance. As is typical in our waking world, now that Thomasina has put aside her doubts and committed to a higher goal, the universe is unraveling her material world in preparation for her transformation.