It Takes a Village - Artcard

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It Takes a Village.jpg

It Takes a Village - Artcard


Artcard: (click image for full view) printed on acid-free stock with matching envelope, packaged in plastic sleeve. The image story is printed on the back of each card. Card size is standard 6.5" x 4.75". 

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It Takes a Village

The red neck feathers of these unsteady, curious, little hatchlings, reflect the genetic and cultural imprinting of their family. Their green eyes remind us they are seekers. They're watching the behaviour of others and becoming aware of their environment. They're seeing values enacted around them: resourcefulness in scratching sustenance from the soil; cleanliness in fluffing and grooming; purposefulness in searching for meaning. Someday, when their legs can support them, they'll wander out of the yard and into the woods.

Whose chicks are these? We who gave birth to them built our perspective based on the knowledge and opinions we formed as a result of our experiences. Thinking these chicks belong to us, we attempt to incubate them with our perspective-based values. We explain, and enact, values such as compassion and fortitude, which we hope to imprint in their modus operandi.

These chicks however are not ours alone. They exist within a community, that is, the village it takes to raise a child. They'll be exposed to others whose perspectives differ from ours, and experience how perspective shapes values. The experiences of our chicks, which we may never have envisioned, will mold their perspective causing them to question the applicability of our values. They may even question our intent in perpetuating our values, thereby showing us a new perspective. Then we'll know we've taught them well.  

  • Original Painting, Framed: Watercolor and gold leaf enamel on acid-free cotton rag, framed per artist's direction, using archival materials including UV protecting Museum Glass. Framed size is 28.5" x 21.25" horizontal.
  • Giclée, Unframed: digitally printed using archival ink, on acid-free cotton rag, reviewed for color accuracy by the artist. This first edition is limited to 10 prints. Image size is 17" x 11" horizontal. This selection has no mat and no frame, but includes the image story and authentication document. It will be shipped in a mailing tube.
  • Small Giclée, Matted: digitally printed using archival ink, on acid-free cotton rag, reviewed for color accuracy by the artist. This is an unlimited edition 11" x 8" print, matted using archival materials to fit a standard 14" x 11" frame.